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At Dr. Paramonov’s clinic in Saratov, you can receive consultations, correct diagnostics and competent treatment from the best andrologists. In its essence, andrology is a branch of medicine, one of specialized fields of urology dealing with problems in male urogenital sphere.

Nowadays, urogenital diseases are rather common because of adverse environmental factors, sedentary and low-activity lifestyle, which is getting ever more widespread, stress, inferior food and failure to perform diagnostics on time. In Saratov, an andrologist is a rather rare medical specialty, but the most skilled andrologists are employed at Dr. Paramonov’s clinic. At our clinic, you can easily consult an andrologist if you experience a sense of discomfort and aches in the lower part of your abdomen and genitals area, in case of painful urination, if you have problems with erection, ejaculation, potency and reproductive function. Andrologists at Dr. Paramonov’s clinic successfully diagnose and treat prostatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, impotency, infertility, erectile dysfunction, cystitis, premature ejaculation as well as other problems of urogenital sphere. It is also reasonable to visit an andrologist if you plan to conceive a child.

We perform the most advanced therapy of male diseases, we implement only modern, proven and reliable treatment methods using only cutting-edge equipment for diagnostics and treatment as well as best quality medicines. Please visit us for consultations, diagnostics and treatment!

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