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Dentistry for children

To give a child healthy teeth and a beautiful smile in their adult life, it is important to visit a children’s dentist from early childhood. Visiting a dentist regularly helps reveal developing caries, inflammatory processes in the mouth cavity, bite disorders and other conditions in need of correction. Timely treatment of children’s teeth makes it possible to keep a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

Modern treatment methods allow to get rid of caries quickly and painlessly, without drilling. Dentists pay special attention to preventive measures which help make teeth stronger and healthier, prevent enamel damage and emergence of caries. Fluoridation and ozonation of teeth are absolutely painless procedures precluding bacteria reproduction in the mouth cavity. Using these procedures, it is possible to stop caries development at an early age.

Even removal of milk-teeth and treatment of complicated caries are absolutely painless owing to high-quality and safe anesthesia. Finding an individual approach to every child, our dentists take care that their little patients feel comfortable and relaxed. 

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