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Respiratory system diseases are considered to be the most widespread among the Earth’s population. It is difficult to find a person who has never suffered from respiratory disorders. The first symptoms which should attract your attention are cough and shortness of breath. As soon as they appear, you must visit a doctor without delay. At our clinic, we will be glad to help you and conduct all necessary tests. Our employees’ high skill level will allow us to perform a high-quality checkup and establish a correct diagnosis, which is most important for efficient treatment.

At our institution, we provide following services:

  • Pulmonologist’s primary reception

  • Sampling of necessary biological materials. We have our own laboratory, modern equipment and highly specialized facilities and personnel, which helps in minimizing risks of false test results.

  • Pulmonologist’s repeated reception

  • Spirography and functional tests. This method makes it possible to determine lungs volume in a relaxed state and under a physical load.

Our clinic’s specialists have great experience in treating different diseases. They select an individual approach to every patient, taking into account all special traits of a particular case. If necessary, you will be provided with consultations by specialists in related fields of medicine.

Our specialist

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Diagnosis and treatment

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