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Problems with blood coagulation can lead to serious consequences. Treatment of such diseases is conducted by a dedicated specialist called haemostasiologist. If you visit this specialist in time, you can avoid serious health problems.

For whom is it necessary to visit a haemostasiologist?

Visiting the doctor is necessary for:

  • people suffering from haemostatic system disorders

  • pregnant women because more than 65% of miscarriage cases are linked to blood circulation issues

  • women planning pregnancy

  • patients diagnosed with cardiovascular diseases

  • people in need of all kinds of surgical intervention

  • people suffering from neurological disorders

After a checkup, a consultation and a careful examination, a doctor can detect trombophilia, cardiovascular disorders, etc. During a repeated visit, the specialists prescribes a suitable treatment scheme which is able to resolve haemostasis issues. Women suffering from infertility caused by blood coagulation problems are consulted both by a haemostasiologist and a gynecologist.

How to make an appointment with a specialist

Haemostasiologists working at Dr Paramonov’s clinic are highly skilled professionals who are able to use modern methods and equipment as well as their many years of experience to determine suitable treatment in a timely manner and bring your system back to its normal condition. Moreover, we guarantee an individual approach to every patient, our specialists’ attention and quick performance of all examination types. If you want, you can book a visit to a 

Our specialist

  • Specialization

    • Any
    • hemostasiologist

Diagnosis and treatment

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