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A geneticist is a specialist who conducts examinations and consults young married couples and families. The specialist is able to detect deviations in fetus development on the earliest stages. Besides, they are able to prevent development of hereditary diseases. It is best to consult such a specialist before conceiving a child when you only plan to augment your family. If it concerns a marriage between relatives, you should arrange a visit to the doctor even before getting married.

When should you visit a doctor?

You should visit a doctor before pregnancy in the following situations:

  • if a couple wants to have a healthy child, especially if they are more than 35 years old

  • if a planned child’s parents or other close relatives have hereditary diseases, inborn defects or other problems with their system functions

  • it is also necessary for you to visit a specialist if a woman is diagnosed with infertility or in case of miscarriage

  • the married couple are blood relations

  • if a couple plans to use auxiliary reproduction methods

  • if a man is infertile

Besides that, the specialist can be visited during pregnancy. It is usually done when the couple is interested in precise diagnostics and regular observation of the fetus throughout the pregnancy.

How to make an appointment with a specialist?

The geneticist working at our clinic is a highly skilled professional, 

she is able to use modern technologies and special equipment to detect health issues in children during pregnancy. Moreover, our clinic guarantees an individual approach to every patient, our specialists’ caring attitude and an opportunity to perform different kinds of examination at any suitable time. To make an appointment, you should simply call a phone number mentioned on our website or use an online form.

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