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Ultrasonic diagnostics

Ultrasonic diagnostics means objectivity, safety and valuable information.

Ultrasonic examination makes it possible to obtain reliable information about the status of most human organs and systems. The data on which the diagnosis is based are collected using special equipment consisting of a sensor which directs ultrasonic waves toward an organ under examination, a device receiving and processing information, a monitor for image output and a printer to print out necessary frames and diagnostician’s conclusions.

At Dr Paramonov’s clinic, we perform following types of ultrasonic scanning (US):

  • US of minor pelvis organs

  • US of the thyroid

  • US of abdominal cavity organs

  • heart US

  • kidneys US

  • mammary glands US

  • TRUS (transrectal ultrasonic scanning of the prostate)

  • scrotum US

  • soft tissues US

  • lymph nodes US

  • duplex scanning of head and neck blood vessels

  • US of eye blood vessels

  • US of upper and lower limbs blood vessels

  • US of the prostate and urinary bladder

  • joints US

  • ultrasonic examination of pregnant women

Dr. Paramonov’s clinic has modern expert class diagnostic equipment which is used by highly skilled specialists with large work experience.

Advantages of ultrasonic diagnostics

US is the most widespread method of internal organs examination owing to its availability, informational richness, its non-invasive nature, complete absence of contraindications and adverse effects.

That’s why, unlike X-ray, magnetic resonance and computer assisted tomography scans, ultrasonic examination of the same organ can be performed multiple times with minimal gaps between them. It is also important that ultrasonic imaging helps in taking tissue samples for further examination (i.e. performing biopsies).

The process of ultrasonic scanning is relatively simple and absolutely painless. Ultrasonic equipment is constantly improving. At present, a doctor is able to see a picture of an organ being examined in color, a volumetric image (3D, 4D) and even to observe processes taking place in the patient’s system: heart at work, blood circulation, etc.

To book an ultrasonic examination in Saratov, please call: 8(8452)660303

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