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Phlebology – vascular surgery

Recently, people are facing such a problem as varicose veins much more often. Its development is precipitated by a fairly big number of negative influences. A delay in visiting a specialist may require surgical intervention. Many people believe that folk remedies can help them overcome this disease, but they are simply wasting precious time this way.  If you visit our clinic, you will receive full examination to determine the complete picture of your veins and their condition. The results obtained will help in selecting the ways of treatment which will enable you to achieve the desired outcome.

Our clinic provides following services:

  • Vascular surgeon’s consultation

  • Ultrasonic dopplerography (ultrasonic examination) of veins and arteries

  • Venous thromboses elimination

  • All surgery types to treat varicose lower limb disease

  • Comprehensive approach to varicose vein surgeries

  • Surgical treatment of facial, body, upper and lower limb haemangiomas 

  • Treatment of all postthrombotic syndrome on all of its stages

You shouldn’t get worried if such kinds of diagnosis is established in your case. At our medical institution, professional approach to the treatment of your disease will help you forget about it completely.

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Diagnosis and treatment

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