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About the clinic



JSC “Klinika doktora Paramonova” provides assistance to out-and inpatients in more than 60 types of medical services. All opportunities for our patients are focused here: from diagnostics and disease prevention to complex surgery and after-treatment.

At the outpatient polyclinic department, you can receive full-spectrum diagnostics and treatment. More than 11 per cent of all surgeries performed in Saratov take place at our finely equipped inpatient department. You will be provided with single- or double-bedded hospital rooms equipped with a TV, a fridge, a separate toilet and everything needed for speedy recovery: balanced nutrition, attentive and caring medical personnel and tactful post-surgical care.

Our clinic is equipped according to world standards, its facilities include expert-class instrumentation for diagnostics and treatment. Its multi-field character provides integrated and comprehensive medical assistance, and its individual approach to each patient helps in developing a treatment plan taking into account your system’s special traits. All these qualities form an undeniable advantage of our institution.

Our staff includes leading specialists in Saratov: candidates of sciences and MD's, doctors of the highest class. The doctors are constantly perfecting their skills, augmenting their experience, raising their proficiency levels, mastering new methods and techniques. They are distinguished by their caring attitude towards their patients, they struggle for every patient’s health until full recovery is achieved, support the patients not only throughout the treatment but after its conclusion as well.

Victor Alexandrovich Paramonov, Director general of the clinic, is a professor, a renown oncological surgeon, doctor of the highest class, creator of unique methods used in surgeries of head and neck tumors. He was the first in the world to create an artificial larynx. For his outstanding contribution into European medical science he has been awarded a Robert Koch medal, a C. A. T. Billroth medal, Order of Honor, Diploma as Russia’s best Doctor, he is bearing an honorary title as European Doctor of the year (2010) and has earned many other medical awards. The administration of the JSC “Klinika doktora Paramonova”, headed by Victor Alexandrovich, constantly participates in charitable and welfare-related activities.

In 2009, the Clinic was listed as one of 100 best medical institutions in Russia. In 2013, it was named 10th among medical institutions in Russia and 4th in the Volga region. In 2014 it was named as the first in the all-Russian rating of universal and specialized hospital institutions, was recognized as a Leader in the Field (2014) and has been awarded an AAA – level for highest reliability. 

Dr Paramonov Clinic’s Human Reproduction Center was named the best at infertility treatment in Volga Federal District (2012, 2013) and took the second place among all reproductive clinics in Russia (2013).

Quality of medical services provided by our Clinic is confirmed by Russian and international diplomas, and is appreciated by multiple patients. Approximately 140 000 people visit Dr Paramonov’s Clinic every year. The patients represent not only Saratov and Saratov region, but also other regions of the Russian Federation and ex-USSR as well as other foreign countries. People prefer us for efficiency of our diagnostics and treatment, our highly available quality medical services, our honesty and openness.

We apply our utmost efforts to make your time spent at our Clinic most pleasant and comfortable for you. We are always glad and ready to help. We wish you good health! 

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