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Outpatient otorhinolaryngology

Outpatient otorhinolaryngology is dealing with studies, treatment and prevention of recurrent pathological processes in otorhinolaryngeal organs: nose, throat and ear. This “trio” is inseparably linked together because there is a transition between the nose and the throat, and ears are linked to them and to the nasopharynx through Eustachian tubes. If one of these organs is affected by a disease, it may spread on other otorhinolaryngeal organs.

Otorhinolaryngologists at Dr Paramonov’s clinic can help you in treating different otorhinolaryngeal diseases:

  • chronic tonsillitis, laryngitis and pharyngitis

  • advanced sinusitis (paranasal sinuses inflammation – highmoritis, frontal sinusitis, ethmoiditis and sphenoiditis)

  • chronic rhinitis

  • external and middle ear diseases and related acute and chronic hearing deterioration

  • neoplasms, lacrimal ducts obstruction, snoring and many other disorders

Causes of nose, throat and ear diseases:

  • sharp temperature changes and overcooling (strong wind or frost, cold drinks or ice cream, etc.) – low temperatures lead to blood vessel contraction and spasm, interfering with metabolic processes in the tissues which makes it easier for infectious agents to penetrate organs

  • immune system weakness, stresses, heavy physical activity – if the organism is not strong enough and lacks inner reserves to resist pathogenic microorganisms, it will easily fall prey to them

  • allergens which cause swelling and painful sensations in the nasopharynx as well as vasomotor rhinitis

  • bacterial infections leading to tonsillitis, and, combined with viral infections, causing such complications of rhinitis as sinusitis and purulent otitis.

  • viruses (rhinoviruses affecting nasopharyngeal mucous membranes) cause rhinitis and otitis development whose complications lead to pharyngitis and laryngitis

When should you visit an otorhinolaryngologist?

  • difficulties with nasal breathing

  • elevated body temperature

  • headaches

  • body weakness, muscle pain (signs of systemic intoxication)

  • inflammatory manifestations

  • running nose, excretions from ears

  • pain in larynx and nasopharynx 

  • enlarged lymph nodes

  • reduced senses of hearing and smell

If several of the mentioned symptoms are detected at the same time, it shows that the disease has entered its chronic stage and is in need of immediate treatment. This disease should not be left untreated because otherwise it will become difficult to cure and, if it takes place in childhood, may even affect the child’s development level.

Any diseases of the nose affect its mucous membranes and paranasal sinuses which may provoke severe complications expressed in hearing and vision deterioration, splitting headaches, meningitis (inflammation of brain and spinal cord membranes).

Ear diseases lead to hearing loss, ear excretions and earaches as well as elevated body temperature and systemic intoxication symptoms. The disease does not always manifest itself in the beginning which leads to late disorder detection, prolonging and complicating the treatment.

As a rule, serious throat diseases are accompanied by elevated body temperature, a feeling of scratching in the throat, cough, phlegm excretion, sharp pains (in case of sore throat).

Ambulatory otorhinolaryngology includes four kinds of therapy:

  1. medication – antibiotics and other medicines are prescribed

  2. symptomatic treatment – measures intended to reduce symptoms (cough, running nose, earache, fever)

  3. physiotherapy – restoration of the system in general and proper functions of otorhinolaryngeal organs using physical treatment.

  4. radical – surgical manipulations to defeat advanced disorders in the most efficient way

Besides main disorder treatment, otorhinolaryngologists work on reinforcing the patient’s immune system as well as on preventing relapses of the otorhinolaryngeal disease.

If you visit Dr Paramonov’s clinic, you will receive detailed advice on prevention and treatment of ear, throat and nose diseases from competent specialists and will undergo lab tests of the otorhinolaryngeal organs and hardware-assisted treatment using modern equipment in sterile and comfortable conditions.

Dr Paramonov’s clinic is outfitted with equipment whose efficiency is based on innovative surgical intervention methods which enables us to perform them even in an outpatient setting.

  • A “Surgitron” system has a number of advantages over classical surgeries – radio wave surgery is painless and bloodless. The wound is able to heal much faster, recovery takes much less time and is more comfortable. There are no post-surgery scars, and a repeated surgery is almost never required.

  • A “Tonsillor” apparatus, in its turn, is unique. It treats tonsils with ultrasound and vacuum which helps remove purulent plugs from tonsils and eliminate inflammations, allowing deep penetration of medicines into the tissues.

To prevent permanent voice or hearing loss, you should seek medical assistance in time to get precise diagnostics and start proper treatment. Everyone knows the saying: “A disease is easier to prevent than to treat it”. Do not wait for the disease to set in, visit us for regular preventive checkups.

To make an otorhinolaryngologist’s appointment in Saratov, please call 8(8452)66-03-03.

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