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Oncology (surgical)

When a person hears an oncology-related diagnosis, at first they fall into a state of shock. It is important not to lose hope and commence cancer treatment as soon as possible. Oncologists at our medical center will help you overcome this disease.  

Why you should choose us

Achieving a positive outcome mostly depends on a correctly established diagnosis and the right choice of treatment. Under such circumstances it is worth finding true professionals in whose hands you will feel confident.

  • Oncosurgeons at our clinic have mastered the most modern treatment methods

  • The doctors, who are members of oncological societies, are constantly perfecting their skills and knowledge by taking part in different conferences and master classes and completing advanced training 

  • The tumor is operated on only after thorough preparation

  • We strive to keep the structure and functions of the organ intact while following principles of oncology

  • We perform our operations using less-invasive methods

After detecting an oncological disease, establishing a diagnosis and determining the necessity of surgery, you will be provided with all relevant information with regard to possible risks. After surgical manipulations, you will receive advice on your further lifestyle and the fastest ways of recovery.

What services do we provide?

Our clinic can offer you the following list of services:

  • Surgeries in case of an oncological disease

  • Specialized conservative treatment of oncological diseases (chemotherapy, including one-day chemotherapy)

  • Less-invasive surgical interventions

  • Reconstructive surgery and restorative treatment

  • Prophylactic observation of post-surgery patients

Observation and continued treatment of patients who received initial oncological treatment at other medical institutions.

If you visit us, you may be sure that we will do everything depending on us to assist 

Our specialist

  • Specialization

    • Any

Diagnosis and treatment

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