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Infectology is one of the branches of medicine which is directly dealing with infectious and tropical diseases. Besides, this field includes epidemiology of infectious diseases. Such specialists implement modern methods of diagnostics and treatment. You can also visit a doctor to prevent a disease by means of inoculation. An infectologist works with patients suffering from viral, bacterial and fungal diseases. This specialist can also be visited by patients with immunodeficiency, hepatitis, etc.

When should you visit this specialist?

This doctor works in following fields:

  • intestinal infections

  • blood infections

  • airborne infections 

  • skin infections

An infectologist can help a patient in case of measles, whooping cough, malaria, helminthiasis, toxoplasmosis, different kinds of hepatitis, etc. If you have visited tropical countries or places with unusual climate during your holidays, you should visit a specialist. He will perform a checkup and a careful examination which is necessary because your system might have already been infected, and you may experience symptoms only some time afterwards, when it is difficult to solve the problem.

If you feel weak and tired or experience other unusual symptoms, use specialists’ services at our clinic. We employ a skilled specialist who has serious experience and a wealth of knowledge. We have modern equipment which allows us to detect different diseases on early stages.

Our specialist

  • Specialization

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    • infectiologist

Diagnosis and treatment

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