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  • Congratulations on the birthday March 3 of specialist MRI diagnostics Vadim Panyukov.

    Congratulations on your birthday and we want to sincerely wish light work and successful pictures, stable activities and personal achievements, brave health and optimism of the soul, wonderful mood and undoubted success in life.

  • Oleg Solontsov, Head of the Department of Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, receives congratulations on his birthday On February 28

    Dear Oleg Nikolayevich, you are the specialist who, in principle, makes the operation possible. Thanks to you, surgeons can save the lives of patients. Thank you for your work. Thank you for protecting the sick from suffering, pain, and stress. Today is your holiday. Today you have the right to take on the chest of the old, kind, little white, Russian anesthesia. The main thing is to correctly calculate your dose. But to whom do we say this ... You are a professional!


    Clinic of Doctor Paramonova JSC and Privolzhskaya Medical Company LLC, Samara, have signed an agreement for the purchase of a new Siemens MAMMOMAT INSPIRATION digital mammograph with a unique Tomosynthesis function for Saratov.
     Tomosynthesis is a three-dimensional (three-dimensional) image of the mammary gland, this function gives the exact spatial coordinates of pathological changes in the dense tissues of the mammary glands and makes screening more comfortable for women.
    Thanks to this mammography machine, the diagnostic performance will increase significantly.

  • Our colleague, embryologist of the Clinic of Dr. Paramonov Dmitry Shulepov celebrates his birthday February 26

    Dear Dmitry Viktorovich!
    Please accept our sincere congratulations on your birthday from the whole team!
    The birth of a healthy child is the main purpose of every woman. However, unfortunately, not every woman can successfully become a happy mother. Only you are able to create the necessary comfortable conditions for a successful connection of the egg with sperm. Only you will help to overcome any obstacles that prevent couples from becoming happy parents. Thank you for your selfless dedication, professionalism, mercy, care and kindness!
    We wish you well-being, personal happiness, success, optimism and, most importantly, good health!

  • Viktor Alexandrovich Paramonov is presented for awarding the Order “HONORARY CITIZEN OF RUSSIA”.

    The Committee for public awards and titles highly appreciates the activities of the Clinic of Doctor Paramonov JSC and the personal contribution of V. A. Paramonov to the strengthening of economic power, prosperity and well-being of Russia. Active constructive activity, constant striving for perfection contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

    Given the impeccable reputation, outstanding professional achievements and personal contribution to the development of the domestic economy, unconditional authority as a true professional in their field, a talented organizer and leader - the expert council of the Committee for Public Awards and Titles decided to present Victor Paramonovac to the award of the highest Order of public recognition “HONORARY CITIZEN” RUSSIA ".

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