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Operative surgery

Operative surgery

Surgery is one of the basic fields in which Dr Paramonov’s multi-field clinic conducts its activities. Doctors working in this sphere specialize in operative interventions. The doctors determine their feasibility and control patients’ condition during the post-surgery period.

Bearing in mind the broad spectrum of surgical diseases, we find it difficult to enumerate all symptoms which make it necessary for you to visit a surgeon. Nevertheless, if you feel some adverse changes in the way your system works, you shouldn’t postpone your visit to the specialist. Remember that a problem detected in time can possibly help you avoid an operation.

At our clinic, we have everything required to provide effective assistance to patients in need of surgical treatment: highly skilled specialists, powerful diagnostic facilities, modern equipment and comfortable conditions for inpatients.

At Dr Paramonov’s clinic we perform both open cavity and less-invasive endoscopic surgeries.

Open cavity surgeries

Open cavity surgery is performed through an incision in the abdominal wall and is used in emergency cases under urgent circumstances or if contraindications against laparoscopy are present and also while operating on internal organs during chronic diseases. As a rule, general anesthesia is administered during such surgeries.

Among the advantages of open surgery is the voluminous experience of successful operations which makes specialists resort to this particular method in the most complicated cases, when it is impossible to perform a surgical intervention using less-invasive techniques. Besides elementary post-surgery recommendations such as a special diet, reduced physical activity and a course of medication, after an open surgery a more thorough medical observation is prescribed.

Endoscopic surgery

Endoscopic surgery helps avoid large incisions and is performed to treat gastrointestinal, gynecological, otorhinolaryngological diseases and joint disorders.

It has following advantages:

  • reduced degree of injury

  • absence of pain syndrome and adhesions

  • absence of postsurgical scars

Recovery period after laparoscopy proceeds much easier and is shorter than that after “classical” surgery. Patients are discharged from the inpatient department after three days while staying under surgeon’s continuous observation. For a two-week term, they are forbidden to lift weights heavier than 2 kg and visit a bath or a sauna. Sutures are treated with iodine or brilliant green solution. The sutures are removed after approximately 7 days. A diet consisting of easily digestible and healthy food is recommended.

Facilities at Dr Paramonov’s clinic

We have all resources necessary to provide professional medical services for our patients and their comfortable stay at our clinic:

  • a sterile reanimation unit

  • operating rooms designed in accordance with international standards and outfitted with high-tech laparoscopic and endoscopic units

  • intensive care rooms with 24/7 observation, modern life support and monitoring systems

  • modern medical technologies, innovative suture materials, unique laser treatment methods

  • cutting-edge surgical equipment including an ultrasonic coagulator which helps prevent blood loss during operations and assists in wound healing.

  • our surgeries are performed by highly skilled doctors having academic degrees who have taken part in advanced training at European clinics.


Surgical operations are conducted under local (infiltration or nerve block) or general anesthesia. The choice of anesthesia method depends on contraindications, allergies or individual traits of the patient’s system. Our clinic implements five types of anesthesia:

  • intravenous (including that with artificial pulmonary ventilation)

  • epidural

  • peridural

  • combined

  • nerve block

At Dr Paramonov’s clinic, we perform simultaneous surgeries (i.e. surgeries in different fields can be conducted simultaneously on the same patient during the same narcosis). After surgery, patients are accommodated at comfortable post-surgery rooms of our inpatient department where they are kept under 24/7 observation by the medical personnel.

Every disease can lead to serious consequences if not diagnosed and treated in a timely manner. Take care of your health in advance, visit us to receive a consultation or a prophylactic checkup. Come to Dr Paramonov’s clinic in Saratov and we will certainly help you!

To book a surgeon’s reception in Saratov, please call 8(8452)660303

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