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Endoscopic examination methods

At Dr Paramonov’s clinic, various kinds of endoscopic examinations are being performed with regard to diseases of gastrointestinal tract organs, larynx and bronchi.

Examinations of the esophagus, stomach, duodenum, large intestine, larynx and bronchi are performed using modern Japanese video endoscopes that offer high color fidelity and video resolution as well as an opportunity to record the results on portable storage devices.

We perform less-invasive endoscopic operations to remove benign intraluminal neoplasms of gastrointestinal organs (polypectomies) in both outpatient and inpatient settings.  

In case of stenosis induced by malignant esophageal tumors (if surgical treatment is impossible), we perform stent installation on the narrowed esophagus part using self-dilating nitinol stents under video endoscopic control.

An important role is played by diagnostics of laryngopharyngeal and bronchial diseases (laryngoscopy and bronchoscopy). Less-traumatic endoscopic removal of benign laryngeal neoplasms is performed in an outpatient setting, followed by histological examination of biological materials.

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