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Surgical dentistry

If conservative therapy is impossible or in case of acute conditions requiring immediate intervention, surgical methods of treatment are applied. The main task of a surgical dentist is elimination of the defect under conditions comfortable for the patient.

Types of surgical treatment in dentistry

The list of conditions requiring surgical treatment is unlimited. However, following procedures and methods are used most frequently:

  • tooth removal – destroyed or irregularly positioned teeth, impossibility of access for efficient conservative treatment

  • gum incision – treatment of dental abscesses and acute inflammatory diseases

  • orofacial bone system diseases treatment

  • removal of a neoplasm in the orofacial region

  • preparation for prosthesis installation or implantation

Using only sterile instruments and modern equipment prevents complications and adverse responses from developing. Anesthesia using high-quality medicines makes treatment comfortable and painless. Following the doctor’s advice will help accelerate wound healing and prevent it from becoming infected.

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