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Human Reproduction Center

Human Reproduction Center

The center of human reproduction "Clinic of doctor Paramonov" has been working since February 12, 2009. Previously, this team of doctors and nurses worked in the regional center for family planning and reproduction. The doctors are all experienced professionals: Kurskova Olga, Solomennikova Lily L., Kulinskaya Ekaterina Subbotina Elena; Embryology – Shulepov Dmitry Viktorovich, Stativko Irina Valentinovna, Sysova Oksana. Doctors have been dealing with infertility problems since 1995 and have high rates of treatment effectiveness - 45, 5 %. Specialists of the center possess all modern methods of infertility treatment, including assisted reproductive technologies (IVF, ICSI, IMSI, PIXIE, intrauterine insemination with sperm of husband and donor, egg donation, surrogacy). The center has a Bank of donor sperm, egg donor services. 

The center of reproduction "Clinics of doctor Paramonov" is equipped with modern equipment at the level of leading European clinics.
The infertile marriage survey consists of several standardized diagnostic procedures developed by the world health Organization. All of them are possible in the clinic of Dr. Paramonov.
Full examination lasts for 2 – 3 months.

It is important to realize to the spouses that the examination should not be interrupted, which will allow the doctor to quickly determine the cause of infertility.

Of great importance is the age of the spouses and the "experience" of their infertile marriage. The earlier the spouses apply, the higher the chances of successful infertility treatment. The competence of the doctor in the issues of modern diagnosis and treatment of infertility in marriage is the key to success, so it is important to contact specialists in infertility – reproductologists working in the Center of reproduction.

On the first consultation to a specialist should come to both spouses, as half of couples found mutual causes of infertility.

IVF procedure in our clinic You can get at the expense of compulsory health insurance (CHI).

make An appointment with our doctors by phone 8(8452)34-43-88 and 8(8452)66-03-03.

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