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Plastic and reconstructive surgery

Under some circumstances, certain disorders cause disruptions in a person’s normal life. In such cases, you should visit specialists capable of solving such problems. But sometimes people going to plastic surgeons are dissatisfied with their appearance. In such a situation, you should first consult a psychologist who can help determine if surgical intervention is feasible.

What is our advantage?

This type of surgery is aimed at correcting deficiencies or deformations of organs, tissues or human body surface. This leads us to a conclusion that the outcome fully depends on the doctors’ skills. Our clinic employs specialists in different fields who can provide necessary assistance in different situations.

  • Our doctors are professionals of the highest level

  • They constantly take part in advanced training

  • Modern equipment enables us to perform the most complex surgeries

  • Our specialists’ comprehensive approach will help predict and prevent all possible complications

  • We provide patients with post-surgery support

Basic tasks of the specialists in this field are external appearance improvement, elimination of congenital disorders, correction of trauma consequences. All this is possible at our clinic.

What do we offer?

The list of our services includes:

  • Plastic surgeon’s consultation

  • Body plastic surgery

  • Eyelid plastic surgery

  • Ear plastic surgery

  • Facial plastic surgery

  • Upper limb plastic surgery

  • Breast plastic surgery

  • Rhinoplasty

  • Different types of reconstructive surgery

  • Surgical treatment of Dupuytren’s contracture

  • Surgical treatment of post-surgery or posttraumatic scar contractures

  • Surgical correction of scars

  • Laser treatment of scars and stretch marks

  • Liposuction

  • Hyperhidrosis treatment

We adhere to the opinion that you should initially consult a psychologist who will help you prepare for your surgery well. 

Our specialist

  • Specialization

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Diagnosis and treatment

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