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Traumatic and orthopedic surgery

Traumatic and orthopedic surgery

In the field of traumatology and orthopedy conservative treatment cannot be the only solution. In some cases an operation is either difficult to avoid, or conservative measures lead to very slow recovery and an extremely poor outcome. 

Our establishment offers

At our clinic, we perform surgeries restoring the musculoskeletal system to its healthy condition. Our highly skilled specialists use cutting-edge equipment and perform surgeries of the following disorders:

  • deforming osteoarthrosis

  • joint blocking and instability

  • displaced fractures which are impossible to reduce

  • “unknit” fractures (pseudoarthroses)

  • joint dislocations

  • aseptic necrosis and other diseases requiring surgical interventions

Disorder treatment

Certain subtypes of pathological conditions are impossible to treat using conservative methods. For example, some bone fractures, called “irreducible”, require a surgeon to perform open reduction and osteosynthesis.

Osteosynthesis is a surgical process involving bone fragments being fixed with implants.

Arthroscopy is a minor surgical intervention performed to diagnose and/or eliminate joint “breakdowns”. A device called “arthroscope” is used during such surgeries. It is introduced through an incision on the body surface (5 mm in diameter).

Ligaments which have not grown back together after immobilization are restored using grafting and tissue transplants.

If movement and supporting functions of the joint are impossible to restore, doctors at our clinic offer endoprosthetic replacement, in which case a joint is replaced with an artificial one.

Take advantage of our offers and solve all issues which impede your free movements.

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Diagnosis and treatment

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