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Occupational diseases diagnostics and prevention

At our clinic, we employ a highly skilled specialist who can help you in finding out about all possible contributing factors and problems that can occur. Here is a list of services we provide:

  • Occupational diseases specialist’s consultation. It includes determining a patient’s general condition and selecting preventive methods which will help reduce risks of occupational diseases development.

  • Specialists’ receptions (primary and repeated)

  • Preventive checkups by doctors working in specific fields

  • Clinical diagnostics and laboratory tests

  • Ultrasonic diagnostics

  • Diagnostic tests

  • X-ray diagnostics

  • Professional fitness evaluation (a patient is provided with an official report)

  • Medical documents preparation

  • Health certificate preparation

  • Filling out a health center and resort form 

  • Preventive inoculation certificate preparation

  • Hygienic education

  • Personal medical book preparation

  • Medical evaluation for drivers

  • Providing an official conclusion on a person’s fitness to perform different kinds of work

  • Preparing an international health certificate

  • Psychological testing

  • Inoculation

  • Taking blood samples from a vein

  • Taking blood samples from a finger

At our clinic you can do a complete checkup in one day. If there are even minute factors which may lead to occupational disease development, you should not miss regular checkups. During checkups at our clinic, we miss nothing important. If a disorder is detected in time, you have better chances of restoring your health.

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Diagnosis and treatment

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