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Dr Paramonov’s clinic is a modern multi-field clinic also specializing in locomotor apparatus treatment. At our medical institution, we employ qualified specialists with large experience in correcting pathological changes of this type. Main causes of osteochondrosis, scoliosis, arthrosis and other spinal diseases are:

  • inactive lifestyle

  • bearing disorders

  • staying in a constrained position for long periods of time

  • Our health is interlinked with our spine condition:

  • problems with cervical spine lead to headaches, noise in the ears and vertigo

  • disorders in thoracic spine cause shortness of breath related to pain in the heart and chest area

  • scoliosis leads to symptoms resembling those of internal organ diseases

Massage is the most widespread method in treating spinal disorders. After its use, blood circulation improves, headache recedes. Massage also has positive influence on muscles and their tone. The procedire is painless.

Possible contraindications against massage include diabetes mellitus, skin diseases, tuberculosis, blood diseases, tumors and other chronic diseases.

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