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Bite disorders are one of the most frequent causes of caries and gum inflammation. Irregularities in structure and layout of the teeth make their thorough cleaning impossible. As a result, reproduction of bacteria takes place, and these bacteria destroy the enamel of the teeth and lead to caries developing. Irregularities in teeth position often cause unpleasant odour from the mouth as well. Careful mastication, which is necessary for healthy digestion, is often impossible because of teeth layout irregularities. Unpleasant look of such teeth often causes development of psychological complexes.

Reasons to visit an orthodontist

The most widespread issues requiring orthodontic treatment are:

  • open bite

  • distal bite

  • mesial bite

  • cross bite

  • dystopy

  • dense positioning of the teeth

  • dentition disorders

Experienced orthodontists will be able to correct and remove defects of tooth and orofacial bones development. Thanks to modern treatment methods and implementation of orthodontic constructions such as brackets and removable fixing appliances, teeth position can be changed. Timely treatment at a young age is necessary for normal development of orofacial bones, proper working of muscles and nerves in this area. As a result, serious improvements in the patient’s looks and health can be achieved.

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Diagnosis and treatment

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