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Modern dermatovenerology is a rather wide field of medical activity which includes venerology, mycology and dermatology. Thus, this branch of medicine is aimed at skin diseases treatment, elimination of fungal involvement and venereal diseases.

Skin is the largest human organ affected by diverse factors which precipitate skin diseases. Any kind of such diseases can be cured by a doctor, especially if you visit them on an early stage. Remember that complications may sometimes be lethal. Everyone who would like to see a doctor can make an appointment by using an online form or contact a clinic employee by calling a number mentioned on the web page.

Special features of examination and treatment

At our medical institution, you can receive examination and further treatment of such skin diseases as:

  • serpigo

  • nettle-rash

  • psoriasis

  • empyemas

  • different forms of acne eruption

  • various types of dermatitis

  • fungal involvement of skin and nails

  • parasitic and viral diseases

Our modern examination methods make it possible to determine an infectious agent at an early stage. This makes it possible to cure the disease promptly. Examination includes carefully proven tests which can help detect not only the disease but also the causes of its appearance.

We guarantee that you will get help from skilled doctors who possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field. Besides that, our clinic offers high service level, affordable prices and only proven treatment methods. To use our services, make an appointment by calling a phone number mentioned at our web site.

Our specialist

  • Specialization

    • Any
    • dermatovenereologist

Diagnosis and treatment

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