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Beauty and Smiles from Dr Paramonov’s Clinic.

Dr Paramonov’s Clinic offers you new fields in its work. 

Well-known far beyond the limits of our region, Dr Paramonov’s Clinic offers its patients a new multi-field division –  the Central polyclinic of the JSC “Klinika Doktora Paramonova”. A department of dentistry is based on the clinic. The clinic’s professionals are ready to take care of your health, youth and beauty.

The stomatological unit is outfitted with medical equipment from the leading German manufacturer, Cava lux. Our highly skilled specialists are ready to provide all kinds of specialized service using modern materials.

Preventive dentistry:

  • treatment of caries and its complications

  • teeth reinforcement, restoration and whitening

  • splinting of mobile teeth

  • aesthethic teeth restoration

Surgical dentistry:

  • tooth removal of any complexity

  • flap surgeries

  • implantation

  • tooth-preserving surgeries

Prosthetic dentistry

dental prostheses:

  • non-metal ceramics (zirconium-based)

  • metal ceramics

  • clasp dentures

A modern X-ray apparatus (orthopantomograph) is also installed at the dentistry department to produce panoramic images of the jaw area and temporomandibular joints. A panoramic image provides an expanded view of dentition structure which guarantees quality diagnostics. Using such images is stipulated by international medical care standards which require to perform this examination on a yearly basis.

Central polyclinic of the JSC “Klinika Doktora Paramonova” is located at the following address: 90, Chapayeva St., city of Saratov. Working hours: 8.00 – 20.00 every day (weekends and holidays included). You can book an appointment or receive all necessary information using following phone numbers (8452) 66-03-03, 39-03-03, 39-03-06.

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