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Gynecology (surgical)

Every representative of the female sex is extremely careful about surgical interventions because they are associated with serious risks. But at the modern stage in medicine development all surgeries are conducted in the safest way, achieving highest quality and minimizing risks.

Taking into account special traits of the disease and the patient’s general condition, we can perform surgeries using either endoscopic or classical methods. Less-invasive techniques imply minimal intervention into a woman’s system which ensures fast recovery. The main aim of the work performed by our specialists is to achieve the necessary result for every surgery.

Our clinic’s services

Thanks to our specialists’ experience and knowledge, extremely fast recovery takes place after surgery. It is most important that our professionals minimize the risk of other organs being injured during an operation which preserves a woman’s ability to have children. We provide the following kinds of surgery at our clinic:
  • surgical cyst removal
  • uterine appendages removal
  • hysterectomy
  • uterus and uterine appendages amputation
Our specialists offer appropriate anesthesia during surgery. The type of anesthesia is selected individually, every type having special traits and indications.

Our clinic employs experienced doctors possessing a wealth of knowledge. We offer high service level, operating rooms conforming to world standards, and individual rooms providing all necessary conditions for patients. During recovery, highest attention is paid to every patient to help them resume their normal lifestyle.

Our specialist

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Diagnosis and treatment

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