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Senology is a branch of medicine dealing with prevention, detection and treatment of pathological changes in mammary glands. A significant part of female population faces problems in this sphere.  According to statistics, one of three women is suffering of certain breast diseases.

When should you visit a senologist?

As a preventive measure, a woman should visit a senologist twice a year. You should always remember that early detection of the disease comprises a great part of success in fighting pathological changes in mammary glands.

However, you should visit a senologist immediately if following symptoms manifest themselves:

  • breast pains

  • presence of indurations or neoplasms

  • excretions from nipples

  • swelling

  • changes in breast skin and nipple shape and color

  • inflammation

  • enlarged underarm lymph nodes

  • breast skin ulceration

At Dr Paramonov’s clinic, oncological senologists can help you overcome following problems:

  • cyst

  • mastopathy

  • fibromata

  • breast cancer

  • fibroadenoma

You can book a senologist’s appointment in Saratov by calling: 8(8452)660303

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