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A doctor dealing with treatment of joint diseases is called rheumatologist. It is very important to visit this specialist because if you neglect symptoms of this sort, it can later lead to rather serious problems regarding other systems and organs. The involvement compromises integrity of blood vessels, muscles and other organs. This doctor studies all these in their connection to each other. Our clinic is glad to inform you that we have such a specialist among our employees. Their high professional skills allow to establish an accurate diagnosis and select the most effective treatment. Extensive work in the field enabled us to accumulate invaluable wealth of knowledge and apply this extended knowledge in our practice. We offer you the following list of services:

  • Rheumatologist’s primary consultation

  • Rheumatologist’s repeated consultation

  • Sampling of biological materials needed to establish a complete clinical picture

  • Ultrasonic examination

  • X-ray examination

  • A geneticist’s consultation which might be a necessary visit because such diseases may be transmitted on a hereditary level

Remember that it is better to prevent an illness than to suffer of its severe consequences. While visiting our clinic, you can be sure that you will receive a maximum amount of information you are interested in. Our specialists can assure you that your illness can be cured at any stage.

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