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Thanks to developments in implantology, even loss of a tooth ceases to be an insoluble problem. A tooth implant is a construction consisting of a titanium pin and a crown. The pin is embedded into the jawbone, providing reliable fixation of the prosthesis.

Types of implants and special features of their installation

This way of treatment has several benefits:

  • quick implantation

  • keeping neighboring teeth intact

  • durability

  • pleasant look

Before installing a new tooth, a doctor performs necessary measurements to make the implant externally indistinguishable from the other teeth. The pin installation procedure is virtually painless due to high-quality anesthesia. The pin is installed into the bone tissue through a small cut in the gum. Following that, after the gum heals, the crown of the tooth is installed.

There are multiple kinds of dental implants, differing by pin type, installation techniques and crown type. The best results have been shown by screw-based constructions with porous pin surfaces. They are reliably fixed in the bone tissue which results in the tooth being virtually impossible to damage or destroy. Implementation of products by the best producers in the world ensures quick implantation, easy recovery and returning to a normal lifestyle with a beautiful smile.

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