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Traumatology and orthopedy

Traumatology and orthopedy are interlinked branches of medicine dedicated to studies, treatment and prevention of locomotor system diseases. Our clinic offers our patients a wide range of medical services in this field.

Reasons to visit a traumatologist/orthopedist

At our clinic, a traumatologist/orthopedist will perform precise diagnostics using cutting-edge methods and prescribe the most appropriate treatment in case of:

  • skeletal trauma in need of treatment

  • initial manifestations of arthrosis in major joints (coxarthrosis, I-II stages of gonarthrosis)

  • reactive monoarthritis

  • periarthritis

  • bursitis

  • tensopathies

  • tendovaginitis

  • spinal diseases (osteochondrosis, spondyloarthrosis, protrusion, etc.)

Methods used by our specialists

At our clinic, doctors working in the field of traumatology and orthopedy implement the most modern, efficient and safe treatment techniques and offer you to make use of:

  • manual therapy

  • diagnostic joint puncture

  • peri-articular and intra-articular blockades for diagnostics and treatment

  • intra-articular chondroprotectors injections

  • medicinal blockades in case of spinal diseases (articular, paravertebral sheath, selective radicular, epidural sacral)

By strictly following prescriptions given by a traumatologist/orthopedist, you will certainly achieve a positive outcome in treating your illness and will be able to avoid further problems with your health.

Our professionals are especially successful at such treatment methods as all types of endoprosthetic replacement, synovectomy and removal of benign neoplasms in soft and bone tissues.

If you seek assistance from our professionals, you will receive efficient treatment and achieve a positive outcome in healing your locomotor system.

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Diagnosis and treatment

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