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Clinical diagnostics laboratory

  • Hematological tests

  • Biochemical blood tests

  • Cytological tests

  • Needle biopsy

  • Histological tests

  • Hormonal tests

  • Immunoenzymometric tests

  • PCR diagnostics

To perform these tests, our laboratory is outfitted with all necessary modern equipment. For example, we have a hematological analyzer, immunoenzymometric and biochemical analyzers which allow us to perform significant amounts of tests, both planned and urgent,  in one day with a very high degree of precision.

An ABX PENTRA 60 C+ hematological analyzer (France) is fully computer-controlled. Its performance is 60 tests per hour. Its functional range encompasses 26 general clinical blood test parameters. Test duration from sample collection to giving the results out to the patient is 15 minutes (erythrocyte sedimentation rate evaluation not included).

Comprehensive blood serum diagnostics of the most difficult disorders using an automatic chemiluminiscent IMMULIGHT analyzer gives us truly fantastic capabilities. This includes full-range thyroid hormones detection (available at Dr Paramonov’s clinic only). Test duration from blood sample collection to giving the results out to the patient is 40-70 minutes depending on the parameter tested.

A Flexor Junior biochemical analyzer, produced by Vital Scientific, the Netherlands, has  enabled us to make advanced biochemical testing technologies available at the JSC “Klinika doktora Paramonova” as well. The analyzer has a quality control program, an ability to save test results, perform urgent tests and electrolytes tests. Biochemical blood spectrum analysis takes 20 minutes.

Besides that, our clinic offers you a range of microbiological, cytologic and histological tests. They are conducted by specialists having large experience in clinical diagnostics. Our laboratory performs all cytologic diagnostics stages of different oncological diseases, including both pre-surgery stage and urgent intrasurgical cytologic diagnostics. We perform tests of endoscopic, needle biopsy, exfoliative and intrasurgical materials. On the pre-surgery stage the results are ready in 15 minutes. Hystological test results are available to doctors within one day.

JSC “Klinika doktora Paramonova” clinical diagnostics laboratory has following advantages:

  • A full range of necessary tests performed at one place

  • A convenient working schedule

  • Biological materials sampling is performed every day without breaks, holidays included

  • All tests are performed at a high quality level

  • High-precision results

  • Skilled personnel having large work experience

  • Absence of queues

  • Fast processing of materials

  • Completely sterile environment

Remember that not only is a test performed in time able to reveal a cause of a detected neoplasm but also help predict the course of the disease or prevent its appearance.

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