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Functional diagnostics

Establishing a correct diagnosis is directly dependent on the volume of collected data about your health condition. Sometimes, external examination only is not enough to reveal the entire picture.

Our clinic provides a full range of services necessary to select correct treatment for different diseases. Our employees’ high skills and modern equipment allow us to obtain the most precise results. Here are the services we provide:

  • Electroencephalography. It is considered the main achievement in neurology. Its basic idea consists in determining electrical potentials of the brain.

  • Echoencephalography. This ultrasonic procedure is aimed at detecting pathological changes in the cortex, deep structures of the brain and the gap between the brain and cranial bones.

  • Electroneuromyography and electromyography. They make it possible to study neural impulse transmission speed as well as to detect peripheral nerve and skeletal muscle dysfunctions.

  • Induced potentials registration which helps determine functional condition of certain brain centers and neural pathways.

  • Electrocardiography which determines cardiovascular system disorders.

  • Round-the-clock electrocardiographic Holter monitoring. Its readings are being recorded throughout a 24 or 48-hour period during the patient’s everyday activities. This excludes the possibility of errors.

  • Round-the-clock blood pressure monitoring which has aims similar to the previous examination.

  • Stress echocardiography (determines changes under heightened physical loads)

  • Transesophageal atrial electrical stimulation

  • Respiratory functions examination

Obtaining test results and interpreting them in a correct way will help in choosing the right treatment which will allow the disease to be cured.

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Diagnosis and treatment

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