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Bad habits, irregular meals, inferior food quality and other adverse factors influence our health in a negative way. Our digestive system is the first to suffer. A gastroenterologist is a doctor who will help you solve any problem related to your digestive tract. Both adults and children visit such doctors. Our clinic is ready to provide you with all necessary services to detect the problem and eliminate it.

Why you should choose us

Immediately after the appearance of the first disorder signs, we face an issue of finding a good doctor. We recommend our center for following reasons:

  • we have modern equipment to perform tests

  • we employ gastroenterologists having the highest qualifications and serious work experience

  • you have an opportunity to consult specialists in related fields as well

  • we provide high-quality tests of biological materials

  • we choose efficient treatment methods on an individual basis

All these points combined can help you achieve a positive outcome while spending minimal amounts of time.

Services we provide

The aim of our clinic’s work is to provide a patient with an optimal amount of information in one spot. That’s why at our clinic not only can you have a checkup, but also perform all the necessary tests, pass all examinations and other manipulations.

We can offer you:

  • gastroenterologist’s primary reception which includes an examination, data collection and referrals for further tests

  • a repeated visit which implies interpreting collected data, establishing a diagnosis, and treatment selection

  • computer-assisted tomography of the abdominal cavity organs

  • cutting-edge ultrasonic diagnostics

  • liver tissue biopsy controlled using ultrasonic imagery and computer-assisted tomography

  • abdominal cavity organs dopplerography

  • capsule endoscopy

You can obtain more detailed information by phoning us. We are always glad to help you.

Our specialist

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    • gastroenterologist

Diagnosis and treatment

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