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As a branch of medicine, therapeutics is studying origins, course and special traits of human organ diseases, including their diagnostics, their non-surgical treatment, preventive measures and recovery assisting activities. This range of services is offered by our clinic where you can receive highly skilled specialists’ consultations.

What are the fields encompassed by therapeutics?

The sphere of therapeutic services includes treatment procedures and prevention of diseases affecting:

  • respiratory system (branch of pulmonology)

  • cardiovascular system (branch of cardiology)

  • gastrointestinal tract (gastroenterology)

  • urinary excretion system (nephrology)

  • connective tissues, etc.

To achieve the aim of the treatment, timely diagnostics and precise examination of the patient are needed. Having collected anamnesis and complaints and examined other evident signs of illness which can be detected directly and via laboratory test results, our specialists prescribe treatment and preventive measures to the patients.

After consultations and diagnostics performed by our highly skilled specialists, you can use a wide range of services we offer you.

Prospects of therapeutics development

Therapeutics grows ever more important in healthcare development. Implementation of new scientific achievements is highly important in general therapeutic practice.

Our doctors regularly take part in advanced training courses which help introduce the newest high-tech methods of patients’ diagnostics and treatment in our clinical practice.

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Diagnosis and treatment

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