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Hepatology is one of the branches of medicine which is dealing with diagnostics and treatment of liver diseases.

Most people nowadays experience liver problems because of nutritional irregularities, their way of life and viral infections. Such diseases as cirrhosis or hepatitis can lead to oncological diseases of the liver, that’s why it is important to visit a specialist in time to receive diagnostics and treatment.

When should you visit a doctor?

Problems with liver function are extremely rarely detected on early stages. But liver is one of the most important organs in the human organism because it performs a filtering function. That’s why, if certain symptoms appear, you should visit a doctor to prevent the disease from getting worse. A hepatologist can diagnose and start treatment of following diseases:

  • cirrhosis

  • liver diseases caused by alcohol consumption

  • different kinds of hepatitis

  • toxoplasmosis

  • yellow fever

  • steatohepatitis of non-alcoholic origin

If you notice pain in your right hypochondrium (below your ribs), you must immediately visit a doctor because it may be a liver disease symptom. A skilled doctor can establish the diagnosis quickly by using extremely precise express methods and lab tests.

Why Dr Paramonov’s clinic?

Our team employs proficient hepatologists having many years of clinical experience. In their line of work, they use only proven techniques which guarantee perfect results. Besides, we guarantee high-class service which makes interaction between the patient and the clinic extremely comfortable. Do you want to make an appointment? In this case, you may use an online form or call the number mentioned on our web page.

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