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Computer assisted tomography, X-ray diagnostics, mammography

Diagnostics is one of the decisive stages in treating absolutely any disease.

X-ray examinations allow us to obtain a real picture of human internal organs involvement, establish a precise diagnosis and prescribe suitable and efficient treatment.

At Dr Paramonov’s Clinic, X-ray examinations are conducted on modern equipment allowing to establish a precise diagnosis with minimal radiation exposure; computer assisted tomography is performed on a 16-slice Siemens CT scanner. 

X-ray diagnostics

Nowadays, virtually all people are regularly taking fluorographic and X-ray images. It is  a rather inexpensive and popular method of early diagnostics applied to different diseases. As a result, a doctor obtains a 2D image of bones, lungs and other organs and notices deviations from the norm.

At Dr Paramonov’s clinic, X-ray examinations are performed using modern equipment.

Images are taken by an experienced X-ray lab assistant and analyzed by a doctor. Getting the results ready can take 1-2 hours.

At our clinic, we can perform X-rays of the following organs:

  • paranasal sinuses (owing to this examination, such diseases as highmoritis, frontal sinusitis, pansinusitis, ethmoiditis can be diagnosed with certainty; different inflammatory processes and mechanical lesions can also be detected)

  • joints; timely diagnostics of initial changes in these important parts of human body can help you avoid further complications 

  • cervical and thoracic spine (with functional tests); it is believed that cervical spine is the most vulnerable part of the vertebral column which is most often affected by traumas leading to reduced movement activity and having an adverse effect on blood supply of the brain. That’s why, if you experience a sense of discomfort while turning your head or feel headaches of an unknown origin, inexplicable aches in your arms, if osteochondrosis is suspected as well as in case of some other disorders, we suggest you to perform a cervical spine x-ray

  • rib cage

  • There are virtually no contraindications to these examinations (except for pregnancy).


Mammography is an obligatory examination for women after 40 years of age.

Appearance of mammography saved millions of women. This kind of X-ray examination allows a specialist to study the structure of the mammary gland in detail: its tissue (connective and glandular), its vessels and ducts, to detect anomalies, notice their position, size and structure and, based on this information, to detect pathological changes and determine following treatment. Every woman after the age of 40 is advised to have such an examination regularly, every year or two. If there are adverse hereditary factors running in the family (there were cases of breast cancer), it is recommended to start regular mammographic examinations at the age of 30.

Specialists at Dr Paramonov’s clinic have many years of experience in mammary gland diseases diagnostics and treatment. Thanks to a tested connection between diagnostic specialists and doctors in charge of the cases, we can start the treatment on the day of the patient’s first visit.

Computer assisted tomography

Computer assisted tomography is one of the most modern examination methods allowing to detect minute changes in the skeletal and joint system, abdominal cavity, diagnose malignant tumors and other diseases. The basic principle of computer assisted tomography is virtually identical to ordinary X-ray images but there are significantly more images taken in layers performed in different projections. After computer processing, a 3D image of the examined organ is created which helps reveal pathological changes at any stage.

At our clinic, examinations are performed only by highly skilled specialists. The results are given to the patient on the day of the visit.

Computer assisted tomography has following advantages:

  • the examination takes less time than MRI

  • computer assisted tomography is more precise than other methods at visualizing bone structures, blood vessel walls, intracranial hemorrhages

  • this examination is available to patients with contraindications against MRI – patients with heart pacemakers, metal implants and those suffering from claustrophobia.

Our modern equipment, many years of multi-field work experience and an opportunity to visit all specialists in one day to establish the diagnosis are valued by patients using Dr Paramonov’s clinic services who, if need be, visit us again and again.

You can book a CT, X-ray or mammographic examination in Saratov by calling 8(8452)660303.

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